Roumoules radio station


Long waves 1400 meters 216 khz


Since 1974 two long waves transmitters delivering a high frequency power of 1000 kw each and working in parallel thru a connecting box deliver a power of 2000 kw to the antennas. A third transmitter of same power installed in 1983 allows to increase the power to 3000 kw.

A directing antenna consisting of three towers 300 meters high, allows to focus the radiating energy to the center of France. This main antenna may be replaced by a spare tower of 330 meters, able to radiate a power of 2000 kw ; the switch from the main to the spare antenna takes less than 30 seconds. The ground copper network whose length is over 200 kilometers covers 370 acres. To permit farming the copper network is buried at 32 inches. The radio station stands in the middle of corn and lavender fields. Power is provided by two high voltage wire of 150 and 220 kilovolts. Two transformers of 5 megawatts furnish the energy to the transmitters. The used energy is the same as a city of 5000 peophe ; furthermore a generating set of 3300 horses power is available as well as another spare line of 20 kilovolts.