Roumoules radio station


Medium waves 205 meters 1467 khz


In 1987 a 1000 kw medium waves transmitter has been installed in Roumoules specially to broadcast for Trans World Radio.

A directing antenna consisting of 5 towers 100 meters high allows to broadcast in 5 directions in ionospheric propagation : to Great Britain 325°, to Scandinavian countries and North East of Europe 25°, to East Europe and UET 85°, to Spain, Portugal and North Africa 241°, to Italy, Greece 150°, this last direction is not used at the present time. The switch between two directions is done in less than 5 seconds.

1467 khz frequency is used during the night because this high frequency of the medium waves range is mainly useful when the waves are reflected on the ionospher stratum and reach the target. During the day the covered area is only 100 kilometers.